Mobile access solutions to e-mail

Since the mobile and network development, the phone industry started to copy more from the functionalities of a computer. That’s how nowadays the email can be accessed from a smartphone, tablet or notebook. The gaining is on the mobility level as it offers the user the possibility of travel and still having access i ...[more]

Management solutions for workstations

The access to internal documents and collaboration between users is a basic need for every company. The way in which this can be done in a safe and efficient way, without the risk that the document is accessed by an unauthorized user and efficient, requires centralized management and security access for workstations. A ...[more]

Wired communications solutions within the company

Effective communication is definitely one of the most important aspects of a business operation. Today, almost all processes in a company relies on communications and can not function in their absence. One way to achieve communication within the company is through a wired network to which are connected all devices: wor ...[more]

E-mail communications solutions

The email represents the modern communication channel that has spread a lot and that is used by the majority of companies as an important communication tool. E-mail is based on a client – server technology in which a user can access or copy the e-mails from a computer that has an e-mail server function. Important inf ...[more]

Data protection solutions (backup)

A backup solution allows you to copy and archive important information in the company, so that they can be recovered in case of accidental loss or corruption, failure of equipment or a virus infection. Backup ensures that you can recover most of the lost or corrupted information and that the business will not be affect ...[more]

Control solutions for physical access to resource

Physical security concept describes a set of security measures designed to stop unauthorized physical access to company premises or place where confidential information and devices are stored . Physical security systems can range from something simple like a door closing, up to complex systems built on several levels o ...[more]

Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization solutions have gained both popularity and sophistication due to the benefits they can offer. The suite of solutions has expanded to more areas, now covering virtualization desktops, servers, storage site, applications, and network equipment. Virtualization is a solution recommended to companies, that bri ...[more]

Insurance solutions for electric energy supply maintenance

Electric energy is produced and transported far from the place we use it and this is why sometimes the supply is interrupted. The continuity of power supply is key to the function of computer system. Often, computer systems sustain processes and services that cannot be interrupted or their interruption can cause import ...[more]

Secured mobile access solutions to internal resources

Access data or internet services outside of company security can be important in many business scenarios. Often management personnel or staff from different departments such as sales conduct their activities outside the company. The possibility that employees can access the resources of the company represents an increa ...[more]

Management solutions for printing equipment

Nonexistent or incorrect management of printing can bring to your company significant loss. Management solutions for printing equipment have become a necessity in terms of minimizing costs and increasing productivity and efficiency, immediate benefits when properly implementing a printing management system. Printing co ...[more]

Wireless communications solutions within the company

Wireless networks involve devices connected through a wireless network. They have gained in popularity in recent years due to the advantages they offer compared to wired networks. Wireless technology has greatly evolved from its first publication, now offering transfer rates comparable to wired networks. Security has a ...[more]

IP telephony solutions

A key element of current affairs is communication. Therefore, we are always looking for solutions to streamline and optimize communication systems, VoIP solutions adapting perfectly to the current economic situation, while allowing the addition of new features compared with traditional telephony and efficient commun ...[more]

Solutions for ensuring availability and business continuity

Since technology evolution and the use of IT systems in most processes in the organization, the requirements for higher availability of services have become increasingly demanding. In terms of critical applications, some businesses do not allow discontinuity and interruption can have consequences in loss of capital, cu ...[more]

Control solutions of logic access to resources

The control of logic access to internal resources is necessary in every company. Each manager or department chef needs to have control of logic access to informatics resources inside the company. A control solution of logic access to resources ensures the security access to workstations, printing resources and data sec ...[more]

Cloud computing solutions

The concept of cloud computing (in literal translation "computing in the cloud", concrete "Internet computing") is relatively new and refers to the use of computer memory and storage capacity, computing computers, servers, shared and interconnected via the Internet, without the user needing to know the physical locatio ...[more]

Solutions to optimize energy consumption

Did you know that a computer works 76% of the time in idle mood, while only 24% of the time it is started is used in a productive way? This can only mean totally inefficient energy consumption leading to significant losses in your company. A simple calculation of electricity that is wasted in this way shows that losses ...[more]

Solutions to minimize the impact in case of loss or theft

The more frequent situations in which mobile devices (telephones, PDS, tablets) are stolen or lost have created the context of multiplying the Anti-Theft solutions, specially designed for this kind of situations. According to studies, 83% of mobile users have lost at least once such an equipment and, along with him, co ...[more]

Management and document sharing solutions

In the current context of multiplying the number of users and the information within a company, it is necessary to have a solution for management and sharing documents. In addition, the speed of communication and the need to access information immediately lead to better collaboration and communication between employees ...[more]

Insurance solutions for internet connection availability

Availability of internet connection has become highly necessary since companies have online services and applications that have to be online all the time. It’s very important that it doesn’t exist interruptions in the internet connection, especially for companies that conduct a large part of activities online or co ...[more]

Teleconferencing solutions

Teleconferencing solutions may be equally useful for providing information and decision making in order to achieve the objectives as face to face discussions, but they are more productive than any other alternative, with much smaller financial investment that requires video solutions. Conference participants only need ...[more]

Solutions for Disaster Recovery

Talking about disaster recovery implies talking about a set of processes, policies and procedures in order to ensure that critical business information and services are not lost forever. A disaster can be natural or caused by man and regardless of its severity, the most important aspect is how destructive it will be fo ...[more]

Management solutions for passwords and single sign-on

Managing passwords is used to simplify the user experience when logging in different systems by organizing passwords and login codes. To avoid storing passwords in notebooks or on post-it notes, risking losing them or being seen by others, the alternative is to use a password manager. Adopting a password management sol ...[more]

Licensing control solutions

Software license is a document that states the users rights in using or reassigning a computer program (software). Any software is governed by a copyright, excepting the case when the author declares the contrary and the software is „free”. The contract privacy is another way to ensure the programs protection. A ...[more]

Solutions to secure Internet communications

Data protection against attacks from the outside has always been one of the main challenges for companies. Once with technology evolution, information security has become an increasingly major process. While experts develop advanced solutions to encrypt and secure digital data, ways are quickly found in order to cancel ...[more]

Video Conferencing Solutions

Your employees travel frequently to meet with business partners in another city or abroad, you have a geographically dispersed team or you want to expand nationwide to increase business? Improve productivity and reduce costs by replacing trips with videoconferencing solutions that allow bringing together colleagues and ...[more]

Antivirus protection solutions

Antivirus protection represents programs made to prevent, detect and eliminate computer viruses. A computer virus is an ill-intentioned program develop by a programmer and like a biological virus it multiplies itself and ties to spread on other devices. With the help of an antivirus protection, devices and precious in ...[more]

Structured wiring solutions

Structured wiring is a set of standards that determine how to install the cable that goes into data networks and / or voice data centers, offices and buildings. Structured wiring supposes a single infrastructure for phones, computer networks or other communication equipment that allows fast, flexible and efficient conn ...[more]

Anti-spam solutions

Unsolicited electronic messages (known as spam) represent a problem that affects more and more any email user. For an efficient email account, you can choose a solution that guarantees antispam protection. Although in general there are commercial or promotional messages, sometimes spam can lead to affecting the securit ...[more]

Licensing solutions

The proper licensing solutions represent a sensible topic most of the time, regarding the fact that, frequently, a company can use, involuntarily, pirate software or improperly licensed. During the campaign “You know the information you have to offer by using illegal software”, maintained by BSA (The Softwae Allian ...[more]

Hardware and Software Inventory Solutions

Regain control over your IT infrastructure with the help of modern solutions like Inventoree and Softsee. Receive detailed and full information always at your disposal, with the guarantee of real-time updates. Increase employees productivity by ensuring that important updates are performed in useful time, avoid softwar ...[more]

Management Solutions for Customers Requests

Maintain control over IT services and ensure service delivery standards by using an information management and IT services delivery software. Ensure as well a high level of satisfaction for your employees by quickly and efficiently resolving any of their service support submissions. By implementing monitoring solutions ...[more]