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What results brings IT outsourcing to a small company

About the customer

Company X is an accounting and financial consulting firm that provides financial services to individuals and companies, for over 14 years. Through the expertise, services and customized solutions, the company contributes to its customers’ business growth and its own activity needs stability and continuity in terms of IT.


Constant development: Before seeking professional IT outsourcing, the IT activities of the client’s company were held by one person and his expertise have not always provided optimal solutions that were compatible with the pace of growth and developement of the company.
Business interruptions: The biggest challenge facing the company at that time was to ensure continuity of daily activity to provide, in turn, support to customers. In this context, it was essential that the servers on which basic applications were running have a normal functioning.
Lack of data security: since there was not an IT provider to monitor the infrastructure, the company was exposed to IT risks and threats on the leakage of data from the company. In addition, the lack of a control over the wireless network facilitated uncontrolled access of users, both internally and externally.


Working with Class IT team began with an evaluation of the initial IT infrastructure assets, which identified the existing threats and risks. The IT audit was followed by our specialists proposal for updating IT architecture that respected the security and operating standards necessary to develop current activities.
New infrastructure: The broken server was replaced with a performant ESXi server, providing enhanced computing power and scalability. There were two virtual machines configured: the e-mail server and a server on which accounting applications have been installed.
Support for users and workstations: By monitoring services of equipments and the IT support offered, employees have received adequate support for their usual activity. The communication via email was also secured by an SSL technology type.
Data Back-up: In order to prevent data loss or their destruction in unpleasant events, a back-up was made, which has been constantly updated with new data.
By collaborating with our team, the client currently receives continuous monitoring, 24/7, of equipments and systems of work, guaranteed SLA and proactive IT support for users.


Business Continuity: The new Infrastructure and the implemented solutions have enabled the company to reach a new level of performance in daily operations and workflows that bring value both internally and externally, to its customers.
Scalability: Based on modern technology, the new servers, both physical and virtual, have increased data and applications processing, have provided the scalability and adaptability the company needed for new growth plans.
Performance: From the very beginning, our client benefited from the experience of a team of IT professionals who continue to offer appropriate support and IT services he needed in order to grow and to increase his company’s performance.

In a small company, the IT support is an essential component in its growth and the IT specialists are responsible for providing proactive and specific custom solutions. Thus, employees can focus on their tasks and may rely on performance and functional systems, which increase their productivity and sustain the company's development efforts.