Top 10 disastrous situations that you can avoid through an IT Audit!
Check your company's heart through a free IT consultation!

#1 Computers pass away when you need them more

And just when you needed to complete an important document that should have been presented to the client.

#2 Your emails do not reach their destination or you do not receive the important messages

Messages wait in line in the server, enter the SPAM or the server do not receive them from you.

#3 Essential company’s data are lost after a failure

The back-up did not work or there was not a back-up at all, but you find this out only after a device has failed.

#4 The downtime of critical applications – ERP, CRM, DB – blocks the entire activity

They broke down because of loading and obviously that there was not a continuity plan.

#5 Hackers enter and leave the company as they wish

And you do not notice their presence or that they steal information which will end up to the competition.

#6 Employees wait for the computers

The last optimization was run 4 years, 3 months and 5 days ago, about the time the computers were cleaned of dust.

#7 Mobiles, tablets and computers are not synchronized

The lost phone “solved�? the contact database too, so call your customers or partners if you can…

#8 Any employee has access to confidential files

Of course, the next step would be the file wage to get on Facebook, so that “friends�? can find out too

#9 A problem aroused during the weekend was not detected in time

No one can work, so the weekend is extended to the office. Yeeey!

#10 You do not have a clear record of installed equipment and licenses

And you find this out when you get a fine…