Migration and implementation services, with zero interruptions, in large companies

About the customer

The company in this case study deals with distribution and marketing of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). At present, the company is a leader in commercialization sectors of bottles, autogas and commercial propane.


In 2013, the company went through a rebranding process and business transformation when it was detached from the European group he belonged to. In this context, Class IT team has developed for the enterprise an implementation and large-scale migration project.


IT services developed by our team focused, primarily, on server migration activities, deployment of equipment in different locations, initial configurations for workstations, as well as the acquisition of software licenses.
Migration services and implementation: The project itself consisted basically of a cutover from an initial group headquartered in Europe. Our team has developed, from scratch, the necessary for operations migrating servers, email clients and solutions used in new locations in Romania. 20 Windows servers were migrated (AD, Exchange, File Servers, Oracle, SAP, Voigt) and another 4 were virtualized, in 3 centralized locations from Class IT Data Center.
Initial setup: 120 workstations have been set from scratch with operating systems, applications and work systems necessary for developing the company's daily activities. Also, in the 3 company’s locations in the country Internet networks and a VoIP telephone system were implemented.
Backup and monitoring solutions: From the very beginning, a 24/7 servers monitoring from Data Center and the implemented backup solutions offered guarantees for the activities’ continuity without interruption and have eliminated the risk of data loss.


Activities continuity: The whole process of migration and implementation was carried out in seven days and involved a team of 15 IT specialists who have ensured that there was a reduced downtime at maximum for users.
Efficiency: Although at that time the company has faced challenges related to the proper development of current activities, with the help of our team the company managed to keep a steady pace in specific processes, production and distribution of liquefied petroleum gas. Users were not faced with activity’s interruptions and benefited from fast computers, equipped and configured with all the tools necessary to continue tasks.

In this major project, involving Class IT team and making all stages of migration and deployment in an organized and efficient way allowed the client to continue its business processes and to focus on core activities.